Netherlands Embassy in Stockholm, Sweden

Doing business in the Netherlands

When looking to take advantage of all the Netherlands has to offer, several routes to fast and reliable information are available.

In many industries the Dutch are the champions of open innovation. Impressive clusters of foreign companies, home-grown success stories, research facilities to share and world-class science institutes have made the Netherlands a hot spot for companies looking to innovate. Strong R&D clusters are present in the Agri-food, High Tech Systems, Water, Chemicals and Life Sciences sectors. These industries belong to a total of nine industries that the Dutch government declared the key investment sectors for government, private sector and relevant knowledge institutes. Moreover, investment in R&D is encouraged with highly effective incentives.

Netherlands Enterprise Agency
The Netherlands Enterprise Agency is a bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation. It is the Dutch government's central organ for promoting Dutch companies in foreign markets and for supporting private sector development in emerging markets. The agency provides Dutch companies with information and services critical for pursuing new opportunities in all markets. In addition, it provides financial support for activities contributing to sustainable private sector development in emerging markets.
Please visit the Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( and Holland Trade websites for more information.

Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency
As part of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, in 22 offices worldwide, the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) offers customised information, practical assistance via fact-finding trips and introductions to national and local governments. The NFIA and a large number of specialised partners, including PwC, work closely together to ensure that companies interested in the Netherlands are able to speed up their investment decision-making process.

In the publication Doing Business in the Netherlands, NFIA and PricewaterhouseCoopers NL give you an informative view of the key aspects of doing business and investing in the Netherlands. The publication goes beyond tax advice and tax compliance. The chapter ‘Introduction to the Netherlands’ offers general information about the Netherlands, for example about the location, industries and business segments, living in the Netherlands and the workforce. Also the forms of business used in the Netherlands are described and you can find separate sections with information about human resources, employment law and audit & accountancy.

More information is available on the NFIA website.